Butterscotch Yo!

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Now we have vaped all kinds of Butterscotch juice. This, however, is a deep, rich, true butterscotch flavor that only gets better with age. Steeping will do this e-liquid good. We recommend at least a week to get the sweetness and richness of this flavor.

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    Best butterscotch vape there is.......

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Nov 2013

    My ADV used to be COV butterscotch. Now I get my butterscotch fix here. Awesome creamy in Yo face butterscotch without being overly sweet. Really pulls together with a week of steeping although great straight out of the mail. Highly recommended juice.
    BTW, try mixing butterscotch with RYChai.

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    Damn Son Where Did You Find THIS?!

    Posted by Vap3r on 11th Sep 2013

    I have held off on reviewing GLV ejuices until I felt confident enough to post up.

    1. Aromatically dominated over the other juices within the sample pack.
    2. Not steeping recommended duration = A very sweet & spot on butterscotch flavor off the bat!
    3. Steeping recommended duration = A slightly dulled aromatic butterscotch scent, Not as sugary but the taste is " Full bodied & Matured" Dead on.
    4. No fake butterscotch chemically exhale & Great vapor production.
    5. Mixed in 925 = Excellent!
    6. Get a bigger bottle of this juice!

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    Good rich butterscotch

    Posted by John on 26th Jul 2013

    Tried this on a sampler order. Good rich butterscotch flavor and good throat hit even at 6mg. As others stated this is not a candy type vape but rather a more refined and aged butterscotch. Nice one, but not an all day vaper for me rather a once in a while type relax vape. I'd like to see a GLV take on butter rum.

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    Absolutely Gourmand

    Posted by Jenn C on 9th Mar 2013

    I have to first off agree with Wanna Sites about this being a more mature butterscotch in that it's more of a fudge shop type butterscotch rather than a Werther's due to the richness, mouth feel and vapor. Creamy yet more than that it's complex, showing all aspects of a true butterscotch. Long lingering taste and the plumes of vapor smell SO good...Deep yet at the same time mild TH. I vape this on my Boss mod at 3.7 in a mini Vivi.

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    In Yo Face!!

    Posted by Wanna Sites on 9th Mar 2013

    Butterscotch Yo! is an in yo face vape. I don't really get a "candy" flavor. I get more of a genuine butterscotch flavor straight out of a fudge shop. Its also a "thicker" vape which goes great with the strong flavor. This is vaped all day long at my house. I prefer it on the Coffin Mod at 6 volts.

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    Oh my!

    Posted by Kim Shall on 9th Mar 2013

    I used to buy COV Butterscotch, I always had to let the alcohol taste steep out of it and eventually it would be good. I no longer buy COV Butterscotch. I buy this juice 120ml at a time. Sweet, rich, creamy, but it's got that candy aspect to it too. SOOO GOOD!

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    Posted by Jason Freeny on 9th Mar 2013

    Best Butterscotch vape I've ever tried! Jeremy can mix some amazing flavors. Well done bro!It's a creamy sweet in your face butterscotch vape. No chemical taste you normally get with butterscotch vapes. Spot on!

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    Posted by Keith Fairman on 9th Mar 2013

    This juice, brought me back to when I use to get the hard candy from my grandmother, great juice. Highly recommended.

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    Posted by VaperJenn on 9th Mar 2013

    How is this juice not one that is sought after? Unbelievable vape. Huge clouds and the best butterscotch I've ever tried. Thank you for the fast shipping!!!